I received this pet bed a few months ago as a gift, and I really didn't think that my dog would like it because she's always slept with me. After having it for a little while now I have found that she sleeps on it every time I leave the house. It has become her safe spot. My dog is a shih poo and has eye problems and cannot hear very well because she's so old. When I return home she can't hear me come into the house, and I find her sleeping on her bed. I really liked the bed when I got it because it was so cute & it matched my home, but now I love it because it comforts us both when we're apart. 

Carol (Sydney, dog) from FL

I have a golden retriever that is five years old and I've always really cared about his diet, but I never considered that where he sleeps could have an effect on his health. As soon as I saw these beds at an event I was attending I instantly knew my dog would love it and really could benefit. I just received the bed today and I'm thrilled. It looks amazing and my dog has already taken to it. 

Andy (Duece, dog) from GA

I purchased the bed for my beagle, last October and I have absolutely loved it so much that I've raved all year how great it is soooo now I'm back online to buy my mom's dog a bed for Christmas. My number one favorite thing about the bed is its washable cover. 

Mallory (Sadie, dog) from FL

My veterinarian suggested a huckleberry bed for my Labrador, Moxey that suffers from hip dysplasia. She's eight years old and has a difficult time getting up and down off the floor. After owning this bed for 6 months I'm the one who is "floored" (he he). It's made a BIG difference & I want to tell the world. Just wish I would have found these sooner, & not had my heart broken when I lost my other two dogs to the same problem. 

Sandra (Moxey,dog) from MI

My kitty loves her bed. It’s so adorable to tuck her in at night! She snuggles with her head on the pillow and adores the attention. I'm so in love!

Marsha (Sammy, cat) from FL