Sustainable Design


Simply said … “We care about your pet and the environment.” HuckleBerry Pets has taken the time and consideration to utilize smart sustainable products when creating and producing a pet bed. Relationships have been developed with American companies to help promote and stimulate our own American economy all while providing a cost efficient product to our loyal customers. Here are the ingredients that make up a HuckleBerry …


Solid Wood Construction = Strong, Sturdy Design: Using a select grade of pine we have developed a bed that is so strong a grown man could jump up and down on it.

Metal screws = Lifelong Strength and Durability: We have taken the extra effort in production with each HuckleBerry Bed to pre-drilled and screw each and every element … NO NAILS. It will arrive to you fully assembled. Now that’s convenience!

Organic Batting = No Harsh Chemicals : Organic cotton has one simple fact … it is cotton produced from a non-genetically enhanced plant….eliminating the risk factors of having chemicals retain in the cotton which may affect the user of any such product. Irritants in genetically enhanced cotton materials often lead to skin rashes and other skin conditions in sensitive persons/animals.

Organic cotton batting also provides a soft smooth texture. It is placed on all sides of the bed frame bumper and covers the wood and foam used on the headboard.

HuckleBerry Pets feels it is worth using the highest grade of every product to ensure a healthy lifestyle for your pet!

Furniture Legs = Recyclable & Healthy Joint Relief : Most of our pet beds are made with wooden legs (a sustainable product) however, some have an aluminum or metal leg that can easily be recycled. Hip dysplasia and arthritis are common among many breeds and having an elevated bed can help relieve the stress on joints and bones.

Fabric Stain Protection = Biodegradable & Fluoropolymer Free: Media reports have shown pet products full of lead and unhealthy chemicals. HuckleBerry Pets uses a product called Mircoseal to protect any bed frame made of fabric upon request. This product provides stain resistance, sun fade resistance, it is non-toxic and non-allergenic. It is biodegradable and created without flourochemicals, fluoropolymers, fluorocarbons, or resins. It is also formulated in a carbon free manufacturing facility. Why is this important?

Because there is fluoropolymers in products like Teflon and other stain, water and grease-resistant chemicals. The Environment Protection Agency’s National Exposure Research Laboratory found evidence that fluoroploymers could break down in perflourochemicals (PFCs). PFC is an almost indestructible artificially-made group of chemical compounds that has been found both in the environment and in people.

The implications of the study are significant because fluoropolymer-based consumer goods may well be a source of PFC contamination in people.

HuckleBerry Pets was invented by an 8 year old girl. We want to be sure that not only is our product safe for your pet, but it important that we do not harm the environment in the process. Some may call us tree huggers … but dogs like to pee on those trees and cats like to crawl up in them!