Huckleberry Design Tips


First think of the size of your dog … then choose a bed size you feel your pet would be most comfortable. You may want to measure your dog lying down to get an optimum size. Here are some suggestions:

***Larger size beds can be manufactured upon request

***Based upon average size breeds. Please measure your dog and choose a size according to measurements.

Please know that your dog’s bed is his/her real estate in your home. If you have any question please call us or move to the next size up. Your pet will enjoy every inch of their HuckleBerry bed, and it can never be too big.

Once you have decided a size, be sure to measure the room or rooms you want to place your bed. A HuckleBerry Bed can be placed in the middle of the room or against a wall. Try to place it in a room that is used universally by the family. While a bedroom is very nice, your pet normally likes to have a place where you spend the most amount of time. Your pet will appreciate having their own designated spot in the house.

We suggest you lay out newspaper in the spot you plan on placing your HuckleBerry Pet according to the measurements we described above. This will allow you to see the size and fit for your room.


Think about your dog … seems silly to say, but you would be surprised. Ask yourself some of these questions to find the right HuckleBerry Pet Bed:

  1. Does your pet shed? If so, does that bother you? If it does bother you, you may choose a fabric mattress cover that is similar to the color of your pets coat/fur. Any assistance needed for fabric durability can be provided by our design service members. We also offer modifications to our beds. Please feel free to pick a fabric and mail it in to be used on your own custom dog bed.
  2. Is your dog messy? Does it enjoy slobbering? If you say yes, you may want to choose a vinyl fabric for the bed frame. We use the best marine grade vinyl in most of our beds to resist mildew, stains, and the highest resistant to water.
  3. Does your pet like to chew? If yes, you may want to choose thin legs or aluminum, and vinyl fabrics.
  4. Does your pet mark his territory? All HuckleBerry Pet Beds come with a waterproof liner to protect the 4” orthopedic mattress.


You can use your current décor colors or if you are redecorating choose the new colors. Samples of our fabrics are available upon request. There is a small shipping charge for samples.

Now that you have your three basic colors begin looking through our “Build Your Own Bed” section of the website and see what type of fabrics you enjoy. The next design tip will help you use your three colors.

If you want your pet bed to be an explosive pop then: Look around your room and choose a bed that it the exact opposite of your room. If you room is warm tones of greens and browns … choose a dog bed that is hot red or purple velvet. Your new pet bed will be a piece of unique art in the room.

If you want your pet bed to reflect your pet’s personality then: Think about your best companion friend … what would they choose? Are they spunky, flippy, zippy, or chillin? Would they like a tall bed 6” off the ground, or do they have short legs … maybe something 2” off the ground? Are they girly and want pink or a ruff tuff boy and want black leather? You may consider incorporating that into you design choice!


HuckleBerry Pets uses many different textures, prints, and solids to create a well designed pet bed. Example: You choose a solid for the bed frame; try using a textured fabric (like a faux fur) for the mattress cover or blanket. Then add a pillow with a print to create a bed that is cohesive.

Be sure to use two of the three elements:

Decide whether you want your new pet bed to compliment the design of your décor, reflect your pet’s personality, or be an explosive conversation piece. Most all HuckleBerry pet beds are conversation starters!

If you want your pet bed to compliment your current décor then: Look around the room you have decided to place your HuckleBerry pet bed and choose three colors that are currently in the room.

  1. Textured Fabrics
  2. Printed Fabrics
  3. Solid Fabrics


Use our design services by calling 1-855-206-5557 or visit our “Build Your Own Bed” to design your own pet bed. Enjoy the experience of HuckleBerry Pets!